Every Gamer Should Have This (hint: website)


Dougy4Fact is most gamers don’t have a website.

Most gamers only have a YouTube or TwitchTV channel…

and they’re making a huge mistake…

…First let me introduce Dougy Veney owner of GoodGameBro. He also once owned and operated StickSkills.

Dougy is a website genius and has grown GoodGameBro to be one of the most popular and influential gaming websites on the internet.

What’s amazing about this is that he’s done it in little over a years time.

I talk with Dougy about his websites and much more on the latest Raise Your Game: Reel Gamer Podcast…

Raise Your Game: Reel Gamer Podcast #4 with Dougy Veney

Following through with any given task can be extremely difficult to do. Dougy Veney from GoodGameBro shares a few tips that will help you “make sure it works” no matter the situation.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

– the easy way to 1 click install websites
– how to manage a staff for your website
– management software systems
– why a good staff is the key to success
– why you don’t have to be the best to start
– Dougy Veney’s Definition of Success


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Do This Now

Share your comments below.Why do you think having a website important? Why do you think its not important?

Why do I believe its the single biggest mistake gamers are making right now?

Be clear. Be concise.

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  1. I can’t get my twitch to work….it sucks. I have tried uninstalling it, I have tried a bunch of stuff. It says broadcasting and no viewers, but when I go to my “twitch page” it says offline. Please someone help me. Thanks

  2. GhostZonegaming says:

    thank you for the twitch tear down video it showed me alot where i need to improve and what i need to work on now and in the future. Im a hard worker and will take u awesome words and advice to heart because i know your trying to help me get better at my craft. again thank you so much for taking the time to check my community and i out have a fantastic day

  3. Thank you for this i an constantly trying to improve myself and i will make this my career and i need all the help i can get thanks!

  4. Hey my friend is a new streamer and needs the views and follows.. (deathstroke090909) I don’t know what advice to give him to help.

  5. Hi I’m new to twitch in live streaming and would like to know how to get people to view my stream how do I do it if anyone could give me advice please

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