7 Day YouTube Challenge

“I’m not ready”

“I work 9-5, come home, and I don’t have the time”

“I don’t know enough about the technology”

“No one will watch me”

If you have ever said any of the above phrases then the FREE 7 Day YouTube Challenge is perfect for you.

Introducing the 7 Day YouTube Challenge.

What is the 7 Day YouTube Challenge?

It’s a free crash course to help get your YouTube Channel on the right track.

It will help you start the right YouTube Channel and even if you already have one you will learn valuable information to improve your view and subscriber counts…

…All you have to do is enter your email address below and you will get instant access…


Who the 7 Day YouTube Challenge Isn’t For

  • know it all gurus
  • quick fix schemers
  • people that don’t want to put the work in to grow their channels
  • YouTubers with millions of subscribers

What You Get

  • Day 1: Target Subscriber Profile (the most important aspect to your channel)
  • Day 2: Blue Ocean Strategy (how to compete with every other channel)
  • Day 3: Channel Name (your name vs all others)
  • Day 4: Channel Header (whats your value?)
  • Day 5: Title Scripts (the perfect video title formula)
  • Day 6: Description Scripts (my personal description scripts)
  • Day 7: Tag Scripts (my personal tag scripts)

The best part is that you will get these free updates to your email.

Over the course of the next 7 days you will get one email a day from the 7 Day YouTube Challenge that will help you get your channel on track for success.

Are you ready to get more views? Get more subscribers? Sign up below!



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