How To Deal With Online Trolls and Criticism

ZFarls here, chatting with you guys from 35,000 feet!

I’ve got a huge weekend coming up! I am traveling to the West Coast for an old friends wedding and have been looking forward to it for a long time.

This type of trip reminds me of one of the huge perks of building a little side income online and that is the freedom of your own schedule.

I didn’t have to request any days of from work or tell my manager, I simply get dropped off at the airport and come back whenever.

At my old office job, this trip would have created a scheduling nightmare and anxiety, but now I can even leave an extra day early to try a burrito shop in San Diego. I’ll let you know how it tastes!

While the money on the side is nice, the time to me is far more important.

Anyway, of course not everything goes perfectly…

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KSI Top 5 YouTube Tips (how you can use them right away)

Have you ever asked yourself: “What are the TOP YouTubers secrets to making videos?” “If I just knew what they were doing, I could do it too” Then take advice from a guy that has more than 7 million YouTube subscribers & over 1 Billion views (billion with a B). His name is KSI and I […]

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Why You Should Start Twitch Streaming Today (advice we learned from Tim Ferriss, 3x NY Times Best Selling Author)

Everyone has fears! “what if no one watches?” “I don’t have a facecam, my stream sucks compared to…” “what if someone makes fun of me in the chat, what do I say?” “Once I get my new headphones…and microphone…and capture card…and camera…then I’ll start…” We all have these same fears, but if you don’t start […]

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How to Build Your Twitch Following (Part 1)

“I don’t know the way to start…” “because of school, work & friends I don’t have time…” “I’m afraid no one will watch…” Have you ever said any of the above statements? The cold hard truth is that they’re excuses, but there is light at the end of the tunnel and I’m going to explain to […]

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There’s Only One Difference Between Successful Streams and Dreadful Streams

In the Reel Gamer Private Facebook Community we have been discussing things like… …getting more viewers… …gaining more confidence… …& how to technically improve your streams. During this time I have been able to sit back and look at all the conversations going on. and I realized something about what makes a Successful Stream vs. […]

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How Do I Stream To Twitch?

There is only one question people want to know when they hear that they can play video games for a job while having other people watch them play their favorite games!  “How Do I Stream To Twitch”? However, that is a loaded question, because there are two types of people out there who ask it.

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5 Reasons No One is Watching Your Twitch Streams

Are You New to Twitch Streaming & Get the Same 1-2 Viewers? Or maybe you have been at it for a few months, but you aren’t seeing the same growth that others have received. We put together our top 5 reasons we believe your number of viewers aren’t where they should be. Luckily for you […]

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I Believe In You

I believe in you. For the past 2 weeks I have been traveling across the countryside of Italy & Croatia. During that time I did a lot of thinking about potential posts I wanted to make for the site. Nothing came to me. I was drawing a blank as to what I should write. This […]

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Why Helping Others Helps You Succeed

  “I just try to always be around & help people.” -Shopmaster Such a simple statement, but it means so much. There are not many people who haven’t been helped by Raymond Goode aka “Shopmaster”. This is just one of his keys to success that has helped him remain atop the Gaming Community for over […]

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How Being Yourself Makes You Different From Everyone Else

  Do you try and emulate your favorite YouTubers? This is actually hurting you. In the latest episode of the Raise Your Game Podcast AiiRXJones explains why being yourself is how you really stand out from the crowd. His channel didn’t explode close to 60,000 subscribers strong until he started not only making his videos […]

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