Pro Gaming – What It Takes To Be A Top Performer!

What does it take to be a pro gamer at the highest level?

Does it take a big bowl of Cheetos and a dark basement? This is the image most people conjure up when they hear that someone plays video games for a living. Even streaming and youtube can have a negative context to the average friend who doesn’t understand the grind! They don’t understand that streaming your gameplay for hours to small crowds when you get started is tough and isn’t about just playing games and wasting time.

To become the best, you must have an extreme amount of dedication to your craft. Here is a quick Q/A via Quora about what it took to become one of the top WOW players in the world!

Pro Gamer Streamer Job

So the next time your parents roll their eyes about your dream to become a pro gamer or even just make a little money on the side, remind them it isn’t easy.

What It Takes

But, for you… don’t take it easy. Don’t get complacent with your routine. There are many people out there that want to do this, are you ready to give up some weekends? Are you ready to find a mentor and stay up late when that new game drops and your fans want to see it in action?

These are often the best parts of streaming, but don’t forget about all the little things that turn an average stream into something extraordinary!

What is the craziest thing you’ve done for a video game? Leave it in the comments!

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