“Can You Really Get Paid To Play Games All Day?”

What’s up guys, Steve Gibbons, founder of Reel Gamer here.

Just like you I’m a gamer and just like you I have asked myself the following questions:

– “How do I build a YouTube channel?”

– “Is Twitch worth my time if nobody is watching me?”

– “How do I get more subscribers?”

– “How do I make gaming more than just a hobby?”

– “Am I entertaining enough?”

Or how about learning how your favorite YouTubers
built their channels from the ground up.

…You’ve come to the right place!

Here’s How Reel Gamer Helps You
Build Your Twitch Channel


How To Become A Pro Gamer

ZFarls & SGibs Competing At Virgin Gaming Challenge in NYC!

I believe Gamers today have an AMAZING opportunity to reach thousands of other like minded players to share their experiences. However I understand the space can feel crowded or like nobody is paying attention.

Then doubt sets in. Then reality sets in. Then advice from your parents, friends & even girlfriends…sets in.

As a matter of fact how are you supposed to figure out how to Live Stream, Create a YouTube channel, communicate on Social Sites like Twitter, Instagram & Facebook all while maintaining a full-time job or going to school…

…subscribe to Reel Gamer (it’s free), and you’ll get step-by-step instructions from the best streamers, commentators and gamers and of course, founders Steve Gibbons and Zach Farley.

The best part is that you will be getting these free updates to your inbox each week, that will include written blog articles that will help you build & grow your Twitch & YouTube channels

These straight forward tips & strategies will help you make “gaming more than just a hobby” and make you the go to celebrity in your community.

I know this and I want to share my story with you so that you can start doing what you love everyday.

Introducing Reel Gamer

Reel Gamer is a community of like-minded Gamers that want to grow their presence online through YouTube, Twitch.TV, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & other social channels. This site empowers gamers to take action and turn their passion for playing from a dream job to a reality.

When you subscribe for free email updates you will receive access to the three main features of Reel Gamer. The Blog, The Interviews, & The 21 Day Challenges. Plus you’ll gain exclusive “email only” material that will only be seen by joining the list.

Here’s what each feature is all about:

Reel Gamer, the blog, is about proven strategies that you can implement into gaming channels. Some strategies are about YouTube. Others are about live streaming. Using any of them will help improve your online presence.

Reel Gamer, the interviews,  is where I interview successful YouTube commentators and live streamers. You will hear about why they started their channels and the steps they took along the way. Plus you will learn some of their secrets they use to grow their fan base.

Reel Gamer, the 21 Day Challenges, are FREE crash courses in learning the basics of growing the 3 Most Important Channels every Gamer should have. Psychologists say that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. So, consider this as tackling two birds with one stone. Once you have completed the challenges you will not only have fully functional YouTube/TwitchTV/Social Channels, but you will have formed new habits that will set you up for future success.

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Trey Wingo (ESPN) and me on set with EA SPORTS

Trey Wingo (ESPN) and Zach and I on set with EA SPORTS

Reel Gamer was founded by Steve Gibbons and Zach Farley. Both are professional gamers & expert marketers.

After building successful websites & twitch channels, about Madden NFL Football, they were presented with the opportunity to author the EA SPORTS Official Strategy Guides.

As EA SPORTS Gamechangers,  they provided valuable community feedback to EA SPORTS Developers, Community Managers & Marketing Managers to better each annual release of Madden NFL Football.

Reel Gamer is a change of focus for us to showcase our passion for helping like minded gamers pursuing their own dreams to showcase their talents to the online world.

Our strategies are grass roots and can be learned by anyone. While many people consider us “madden guys” we will share how to effectively communicate with fans across all platforms to help build a unique and lasting brand.

If you want to learn our techniques, all you have to do is enter your email below and click “subscribe”