Is It Time To Quit Streaming On Twitch?

Is It Time To Quit Twitch? Should I Quit Twitch Streaming?


Question: I’ve been streaming for 9 months and I just can’t get a consistent viewership on my twitch channel, is it time to quit twitch?


When is the right time to give up on your hopes of becoming a Twitch broadcaster, what if you just can’t get that traction?

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Getting Your Twitch Stream Back On Track After the Holidays (Vacations too!)

GettingYourTwitchStreamBackOnTrackAfterTheHolidaysYour Twitch channel has been growing, you’re getting more viewers and then out of no where it’s the holiday season (or it’s time for you to head out on a much needed vacation).

Next thing you know the holidays have passed, your vacation ends and you feel lost, confused, and don’t know how to get your stream back on the track it was on before you left.

Zach and I have been live streaming Madden (other games too!) since 2009 and during that period of time we have fallen victim to this, which is OK, but we have also found a few ways to avoid this holiday/vacation hangover.

If you want to get back on track it’s all about organization and recognizing that a break in your schedule is approaching. Today we will talk about what’s worked for us and a few times where we “fell off the proverbial wagon”. Continue Reading

Why Less Is More On Twitch, The Big Mistake I Made For A Full Year Of Streaming!

Twitch Length Stream GuideIt took me over a year to diagnose and then grow out of one of the most frustrating mistakes I was making on Twitch. Now, that I am on the other side it seems so obvious. However, as I read about new streamers and their plans for growing their channel, I can see the same slippery slope that I went down!

Twitch Logic – If a 2 hour stream gets me 10 viewers, a 4 hour stream must get me 20 viewers!

You might have heard that during a recent 15 hour stream, we increased our traffic by over 380%, but how much of it had to do with the length? We had done a 24+ hour stream in the past without even half the traffic.

In streaming, the easiest thing to do is simply “play the game”

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Is It Too Late To Start A Twitch Channel?

FOMOT (Fear Of Missing Out On Twitch)

When You Realize You Should Have Started Years Ago...

When You Realize You Should Have Started Years Ago…

If you have ever thought…

If I only started streaming last year, I’d be huge right now

Are too many big name streamers gonna block me from growing?

Is it too late to grow a big twitch channel?

The answer is without a doubt…

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Every Great Twitch Stream Has These 5 Pillars (you can have them too)

Have you ever said things like…

“How do I build a great Twitch stream?”

“What is he doing to grow his stream so fast?”

“Will I ever be able to build my stream like that?”

If you’re like the rest of the Reel Gamer Community then the answer is most certainly yes.

When you get down to the nuts and bolts of streaming, on Twitch, all great streams have 5 things in common…

…keep reading to find out…

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3 Scripts To Help You Disarm Trolls

I wrote a mega post last week on Trolls, which caused me lots of anxiety when I first started streaming.

I quickly realized though that they mainly had the same comments over and over.  

Here are some answers I have to the most common things that people say on my channel.  

I no longer let my fear of the unknown prevent me from building my streaming side business.

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How To Deal With Online Trolls and Criticism

ZFarls here, chatting with you guys from 35,000 feet!

I’ve got a huge weekend coming up! I am traveling to the West Coast for an old friends wedding and have been looking forward to it for a long time.

This type of trip reminds me of one of the huge perks of building a little side income online and that is the freedom of your own schedule.

I didn’t have to request any days of from work or tell my manager, I simply get dropped off at the airport and come back whenever.

At my old office job, this trip would have created a scheduling nightmare and anxiety, but now I can even leave an extra day early to try a burrito shop in San Diego. I’ll let you know how it tastes!

While the money on the side is nice, the time to me is far more important.

Anyway, of course not everything goes perfectly…

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KSI Top 5 YouTube Tips (how you can use them right away)

Have you ever asked yourself:

“What are the TOP YouTubers secrets to making videos?”

“If I just knew what they were doing, I could do it too”

Then take advice from a guy that has more than 7 million YouTube subscribers & over 1 Billion views (billion with a B).

His name is KSI and I recently watched a video where he shared his Top 5 Tips for Becoming a YouTube sensation. (via TelegraphUK )

Today we’re going to take at look at KSI’s Top 5 Tips and explain what his advice really means.
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Why You Should Start Twitch Streaming Today (advice we learned from Tim Ferriss, 3x NY Times Best Selling Author)

Everyone has fears!

“what if no one watches?”

“I don’t have a facecam, my stream sucks compared to…”

“what if someone makes fun of me in the chat, what do I say?”

“Once I get my new headphones…and microphone…and capture card…and camera…then I’ll start…”

We all have these same fears, but if you don’t start today you can’t improve for tomorrow.

I was listening to an episode of the Tim Ferriss show and he was talking with Dan Carlin who has an amazing podcast called “Hardcore History” which is a massive undertaking…

..I realized ONE truth about starting something before you’re “ready” or “afraid of”…

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How to Build Your Twitch Following (Part 1)

“I don’t know the way to start…”

“because of school, work & friends I don’t have time…”

“I’m afraid no one will watch…”

Have you ever said any of the above statements?

The cold hard truth is that they’re excuses, but there is light at the end of the tunnel and I’m going to explain to you why you can make a 360 turn around today.

One of the main reasons we don’t follow through with our goals is because we don’t actually have a plan to accomplish our goals.

We think that if we just show up thats good enough. Here’s what you need to do:

Ask yourself this one question: What is the overall plan to build & grow your Twitch channel?

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