How To Dominate Twitch Chat & Turn Viewers Into Followers

summer 2014


I always figured getting just 10 people into my stream would be the toughest thing about Twitch, but little did I know about the awkwardness that was about to ensue…

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While gaming as a career has given me a great schedule with the opportunity to travel, there has been some strange moments. When I first started out streaming my gameplay, I didn’t use a face cam and hardly interacted with the chat.

Finally, one day I had a headset plugged into my computer and the mic was live. One of my 3 viewers typed “we can hear you” into the chat and my life has never been the same since. Chatting while playing is the first step to growing your channel bigger and is much easier and less intrusive than a face cam. I started to see the numbers grow and it felt like people were sticking around longer and actually engaging.

Within a few weeks, I had hit the double digits of viewers in the chat and was feeling pretty good about myself. I had gotten a few people to stick around and even let them know when I would be live next so they could stop back!

Anyway, flash forward to a Saturday morning where I had a nice sized chat going and I’m really freaking out about a game of Madden that I was playing. I thought I was home alone as my GF was usually at the gym, but when I walked out of my office to get some coffee, she was standing there.

“Did you lose?”

“How could she possibly know this?” I thought.

However, the next part was strange when she asked who I was talking to in there?

“Nothing crazy, just the regular crew like Wolf and Jedi” I said. This is where I thought she was gonna admit me into a mental institution. I quickly explained that it was “for work” and I had a ton of people watching so I was just sharing some gameplay. This seemed to alleviate any concern for the time being.

Anyway, the first person I wanted to call was SGibs to let him know we had a rocking stream that had amassed a whopping 12 people that morning.

Later, I was out to dinner with SGibs and he congratulated me on the stream, he knew passing the 10 viewer barrier was the next big step of momentum we needed to get things rolling. While some friends of mine think it is strange to sit around in your sweatpants and talk into outer space, I couldn’t be happier.

However, the new fear was always that I would run out of things to say! 

If you have ever wondered “what can you possibly talk about for hours at a time and what if there just aren’t that many people in the chat engaging?” I have a solution for you.

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