Reel Gamer Goal Setting! Failing Since New Years? Get Motivated Again!

Today is Friday March 20th, a nice place to stop and reflect on your goals you set at New Years. How are they coming along, what daily steps have you taken in your creative practice to make 2015 the best year yet?

So far, many Reel Gamers have stepped up their streaming game and starting growing their channels. Gamers like Hold Fast Hope, JayOh and MStach have been streaming multiple times per week and have even banded together to create something bigger than themselves. This is a great time to get yourself in position for the spring and summer when gaming heats up! (Can’t forget AdRobs and TreeFrogg)

For others, the new year hasn’t brought on as many new viewers or consistency as we expected when the motivation was strong around the holidays. The good news is that it isn’t too late, to get back on track. With a simple exercise, we can set a new course and even be ahead of where we expected a few months ago.

Twitch Goals and Motivation

Write Down 3 Simple Goals. 

1. Short Term Goal – What one step will you take before the weekend (3 days) to help your stream. It doesn’t have to be a broadcast, maybe you haven’t set up your panels yet, maybe you haven’t picked up that capture card, what is it gonna be?

2. Mid Term Goal – Before Tax Day, which is just under one month from now and will be here before you know it! What type of schedule can you commit to? Can you get in 3 streams per week for just the next 3 weeks? It is 9 total streams, layout just one number of times you want to go live before Aril 15th! 

3. Long Term Goal – Now that you’ve taken the step to get your stream back up and get a little schedule set, start to look towards the end of the year. If you can keep your momentum going, what type of numbers can you achieve. Start to think about the number of hearts and eyeballs at the bottom of your page. What do you expect to see, this potential growth coupled with the easy short term steps, should motivate you to get back on Twitch and to keep building those communities!

Comment below with your three goals and let us know how your feeling at this time of the year. It has been a long winter, but the spring is here and it is time for growth. Set those goals and don’t look back.