Pax East Panel – As Seen On Twitch, So You Want To Be A Livestreamer?

As Seen On Twitch
Last weekend was the Penny Arcade Expo in Boston, MA! Better known as Pax East, this event brings in tens of thousands of gamers to the area! SGibs and ZFarls hosted a panel to represent Reel Gamer, along with T.J. Lauerman of ThatSportsGamer and Cee Cee Smith from Ubisoft. Also on the Panel was Rich Grisham who hosts the Press Row Podcast on Operation Sports!

Topics Included:

How Can I Build And Grow My Gaming Channels?

What Is The Biggest Mistake The Average Streamers Is Making?

Do I Need To Be The Best At A Game Or The Funniest To Have A Successful Stream?

What If My Family or Friends Think Streaming Is Silly and Don’t Understand Twitch?

As Seen On Twitch: So You Want To Be A Livestreamer?
With the recent popularity spike of online streaming, many gamers have dreamed about playing their favorite games in front of hundreds of raving fans. However, despite the XB1 & PS4’s native apps, many quickly figured out that the audience takes time to build. Joins hosts ZFarls & SGibs to learn the keys to growing your channels, audience, and confidence! They will also take live questions and explain why a great stream isn’t just about you or the games you play.

Zach Farley [Vice President, Gamer Media Inc.], Stephen Gibbons [Founder, Reel Gamer], T.J. Lauerman [Founder, ThatSportsGamer]