Pro Gaming – What It Takes To Be A Top Performer!

What does it take to be a pro gamer at the highest level?

Does it take a big bowl of Cheetos and a dark basement? This is the image most people conjure up when they hear that someone plays video games for a living. Even streaming and youtube can have a negative context to the average friend who doesn’t understand the grind! They don’t understand that streaming your gameplay for hours to small crowds when you get started is tough and isn’t about just playing games and wasting time.

To become the best, you must have an extreme amount of dedication to your craft. Here is a quick Q/A via Quora about what it took to become one of the top WOW players in the world!

Pro Gamer Streamer Job

So the next time your parents roll their eyes about your dream to become a pro gamer or even just make a little money on the side, remind them it isn’t easy.

What It Takes

But, for you… don’t take it easy. Don’t get complacent with your routine. There are many people out there that want to do this, are you ready to give up some weekends? Are you ready to find a mentor and stay up late when that new game drops and your fans want to see it in action?

These are often the best parts of streaming, but don’t forget about all the little things that turn an average stream into something extraordinary!

What is the craziest thing you’ve done for a video game? Leave it in the comments!

Live streaming With Meerkat Or Periscope?

Will gamers be able to stream their gameplay with Meerkat or Periscope in the future?

What is Meerkat or Periscope? 

Meerkat and Periscope are apps that allow anyone to livestream video from their mobile devices (mainly iPhone currently.) These apps link directly with twitter and allow users to be notified when someone goes live. You can also communicate in real time as the stream is taking place.


When Twitter launched, people said “why would anyone care what I had for lunch?”

When Twitch launched, people said” why would anyone want to watch someone else play video games?”

When Instagram launched, people said “why would anyone want to see a picture of my lunch with a hipster filter?”

When Meerkat/Periscope launched people should be saying “why would anyone want to watch me eat my lunch live?”

Now, those first 3 apps are extremely popular with millions of users logging in daily. While many people joke about the content or use of the apps, the truth is that they provide influence, allow access and quickly share information.

Which Is Better, Meerkat or Periscope?

Twitter recently acquired periscope which has many people thinking it has a small advantage. Check out the infographic below via Lewis PR to get some more details on features and specs etc. One small update to the graphic is that Meerkat was first to hit Android just a few days ago, so this is another perk and something that will likely come to Periscope in the future.

Meerkat Vs Periscope Comparison


Best use of Meerkat or Periscope So Far? 

Exclusive access in real time has been the biggest perk or these apps so far. Here are 3 examples of users adding value via live streaming!

1. EA SPORTS Goes Live! 

EA SPORTS recently went live on Periscope with Odell Beckham Jr and Patrick Peterson being the subjects in front of the camera. This was one of their first times doing it and it was interesting to see these superstars be in front of the camera. This apparently was linked to their “Madden NFL 16 Cover Vote”  which was unannounced at the time. This line of media is just another way to give behind the scenes access as they have already done with Snapchat.

Odell Beckham Periscope EA SPORTS

2. ESPN Sportscenter Goes Live With Ro-Flo

@RoFloESPN uses Periscope to take questions from viewers during commercial breaks on Sportscenter! This is another way to get behind the scenes and interact with TV personalities that is even more intimate than twitter. Robert is a very authentic sports personality and this is another way to take it to the next level.

3. Gary Vaynerchuck Goes Live!

The “Ask Gary V Show” is a popular podcast in the business/marketing/social space and Gary is always using the latest apps to generate buzz and be a leader in the space. So far, he has not called for a winner in the race but likes the way it provides behind the scenes access and bonus content for his show.

What Are The Rules? 

The Rules of Meerkat

Everything that happens on meerkat happens on Twitter.

Streams will be pushed to followers in real time via push notifications.

Everything is live, no reruns.

Watchers can restream any stream to their followers in real time.

Scheduled streams will be distributed in the community by subscribers.

Your own streams can be kept locally on your phone.

Everyone can watch on the web.

Be kind.

There was a fairly decent stir caused by the use of these apps to livestream the Mayweather Vs Pacquiao for free when many people paid $100 dollar for it on PPV. Copyright issues have already been hotly contested with youtube and twitch and will likely to continue to get more strict over time.

Final Verdict

Should you use Meerkat or Periscope for your streaming?

The answer isn’t about choosing one app over the other. The real key is in building community and growing your twitter so that you have access to share interesting content with people.

You shouldn’t use these apps to stream your gameplay unless you are in a real pinch (at E3 with no equipment) because the quality won’t be great, chat isn’t flawless and the archives vary. Back in 2011, we used our laptop cameras pointed at a TV to stream gameplay because it was the best option. We would often go live with our cell phone cameras on ustream from tournaments or events like E3. We used platforms like twitter, vine and instagram, whatever was going to get the information to our viewers in the quickest and best overall format.

As you continue to grow your audience and interact, don’t forget about these tools as a way to connect with your fans and give them more access. If you are attending a tournament allow them to come along on the ride with you. If you are testing a new game, allow viewers to see it and ask questions (with permission.) Find ways to give exclusive access or content when you are not live on twitch. This will only make your relationships stronger and keep you on your fans minds even when you are not live.

Comment Below:

Have you tried using these apps yet and have you had any success? 

Does Streaming Multiple Games Hurt My Channels Growth?

Streaming Two Games Bad?Have you ever wondered if streaming multiple games is hurting your channels growth?

Picture this, you have hundreds of people watching you play League of Legends for a few hours! So, you decide to take a quick break and play a match of Hearthstone and BOOM, everyone goes away! (Even though you have a solid deck and an above average rank)

What Gives?

You are trying to give your audience a little more variety, usually in the same genre but they don’t respond.

What Can You Do…

The first thing to realize is the goal of your channel.

Are you trying to be a variety streamer?

When you play your “main game” what are you trying to be? (Competitive, Informative, Exclusive, Entertaining?)

When you play your second game, what are you trying to be?

It appears the most common thing is people get a new game (GTA, The Show) that is a big release and want to play it. They figure that they might as well stream it. It is exclusive for a week or so (BF Hardline) but then people don’t care anymore.

The toughest thing to remember is streaming isn’t about what games you want to play, but what games your audience wants to watch. The view count is often a big indicator of that, but not the final verdict. Make sure to poll your audience and talk to those in the chat to see what they are interested in.

Splitting The Crowds

Alright, you have decided to play two games like my man @iGreenTreeFrogg but now feel like you have an identity crisis. When you play Madden it goes well and Destiny too, but the crowds don’t mix. Often the Madden guys get disappointed when they log in to see Destiny etc.

Ultimately, you won’t see tons of overlap in these crowds if they are coming to watch the game specifically. If they are coming to watch the streamer, that is something different, but that is rare in Sports/FPS genre. I find they mainly come to hang out with everyone else in the chat, but even those viewers are dependent on the game being played.

Should You Make Two Channels?

Making two of anything is a challenge. No matter what, one always takes a little more attention and energy and builds a little faster. As someone who has managed multiple twitters, youtubes and twitch pages, you always end up with a favorite and the other one slowly dries up. I would avoid this action at all costs. While it makes sense, there is always something in the back of the brain that feels like you are losing out by not just having one big channel and it makes it tough to commit to building both.

Case Study: Remember when Netflix split into streaming/dvd service with Qwikster 


The month old streaming principles still apply and are even more crucial when playing dual games on a channel. How are your graphics branded? Do you have separate themes for each game?

Scheduling will now be more important than ever. It will prevent viewers from showing up and EXPECTING one game and seeing another. Setting their expectations will prevent them from feeling upset. If you always stream the new raid on Friday nights, they will come to expect that. Use your titles to set up the next stream time with game title and time. (Like Lirik a top 10 streamer, one of the few who plays multiple games consistently)

Newer streamers have done well in Madden this year by joining together which takes lots of time and research to figure out who is worth teaming up with. Make sure you have enough time to do this for both games and become a part of the community in both genres. This is very time consuming, however the rewards of building that strong streaming foundation and community pay off in the end. If you can’t commit to doing both titles, it may have to be let go or your expectations reset. There is nothing wrong with only playing one game or having one be a little bigger than the other.

Think about your goals, are you doing this to have fun or to make a million dollars? Depending on how you answer is how you should treat your streams and respond accordingly to the views/followers/subs. If Madden gets 10X more views then any other game, you should play it if you care about numbers. If you are just playing for fun, then play whichever game is more fun for you at the time, even if it means less views. If  big numbers mean more fun to you, then go for the bigger game or try to figure out exactly why it is better and bring it to the other game.

The TV Show Method

The lead-in method has been used to pump up TV show ratings for years. Got a big show that you want people to see, advertise it but also put a great show on before it. How about the Super Bowl? Even with today’s instant gratification and multiple options, some people simply won’t change the channel or X out the window. How many times have you meant to pop on a stream for a minute but ended up watching an hour?

Ideally, you don’t want to bring the same audience to a new game unless they are super similar, but you will find it easier to have some people carry over, rather than having to generate an entirely new one. However, this is the biggest difference from network TV to streaming. Niche audiences that really care about the game/content/streamer/community that are going on. While you may never be the biggest in two games, you just have to find your crowd for each game. By setting expectations and being super clear on your branding, you can find a way to keep all your viewers happy.

What is the biggest challenge you face when playing two games? Leave it in the comments! 

3 Perks Of Being New To Streaming!

If you are still getting started with your Twitch channel, it can feel like you are fighting an uphill battle. You quickly see that it isn’t quite as easy as it looks. You maybe have streamed a few times and not got the traction you expected so far. That is fine, there are still positive takeaways to think about!

1. Nobody cares if you don’t show up

This is a gift and a curse because nobody while nobody is holding you accountable (except yourself and your schedule) it can be nice to take a day off if you catch a cold or are feeling sick. For some of the top streamers, they are constantly being asked when they are going live and if they can stream longer. While this is awesome to have passionate fans, it can be tough to get a break.

One of the huge keys to becoming more successful is to take time off from streaming to set up your panels, come up with new ideas, watch other streamers and more. These are all things you can’t quite to while streaming! When nobody is waiting for you to go live, you can take those first 15 minutes to make sure all the graphics are updated and the stream is looking solid.

2. You haven’t developed the haters yet

One of the absolute best COD players Nadeshot took a break from competitive play this week saying “I felt like I was playing to not lose, so that I wouldn’t have to hear the repercussions of not winning on twitter and youtube, If we are not winning, I just know everyone is coming after me”

This means you can still experiment and explore what you want to do with your channel. People aren’t expecting anything from you, so if you want to play a different game, nobody will be mad. If you want to try a different mode, or use a new angle on a face cam, nobody will be mad. Imagine the stress of being required to play the game at such a high level, or entertain thousands or make jokes all the time. It clearly wears on people!

3. Every follower is a win!

When you get a new viewer in the early days of your channel, it feels great. That first person snowballs to ten and then suddenly you are at fifteen! Everyone gets nervous about losing just one viewer when they get started. The more you grow your channel, you learn to go for quality viewers over quantity.

Imagine being a big streamer with 20,154 followers and going live, you pick up 50 more followers! Which would be great for the average streamer with 100 or so followers, but to that person, it could be a down day if they are used to picking up 100. The viewers just become numbers, which is a bad way to think about your audience. Every viewer is an individual with their own story and feelings, connecting with them is what will grow your channel.

What if you had a big channel that was grown on playing the standard mode of a big game. However, what if you loved playing a specific mode of a game that was pretty niche, but every time you streamed it, you lost followers.

The choice would be stream the mode you like less for two hours and gain 100 followers, or play the mode you like more, but only gain 10 followers. When you don’t have tons of followers, or aren’t relying on the viewers, the answers seems easy. Yet, the longer you stream the more you want to balance fun and providing for the audience you build. If you build an audience that isn’t true to what you do, the results could hurt down the road. If you build an audience that expect you to be funny, but you want to transition to competitive, they may not understand.

Which Would You do?

Building a new channel is great, you have the time and energy to think about what you want your audience to look like and start stacking those small wins! Get ready for the haters, then you will know you’re on the right track!