Reel Gamer Goal Setting! Failing Since New Years? Get Motivated Again!

Today is Friday March 20th, a nice place to stop and reflect on your goals you set at New Years. How are they coming along, what daily steps have you taken in your creative practice to make 2015 the best year yet?

So far, many Reel Gamers have stepped up their streaming game and starting growing their channels. Gamers like Hold Fast Hope, JayOh and MStach have been streaming multiple times per week and have even banded together to create something bigger than themselves. This is a great time to get yourself in position for the spring and summer when gaming heats up! (Can’t forget AdRobs and TreeFrogg)

For others, the new year hasn’t brought on as many new viewers or consistency as we expected when the motivation was strong around the holidays. The good news is that it isn’t too late, to get back on track. With a simple exercise, we can set a new course and even be ahead of where we expected a few months ago.

Twitch Goals and Motivation

Write Down 3 Simple Goals. 

1. Short Term Goal – What one step will you take before the weekend (3 days) to help your stream. It doesn’t have to be a broadcast, maybe you haven’t set up your panels yet, maybe you haven’t picked up that capture card, what is it gonna be?

2. Mid Term Goal – Before Tax Day, which is just under one month from now and will be here before you know it! What type of schedule can you commit to? Can you get in 3 streams per week for just the next 3 weeks? It is 9 total streams, layout just one number of times you want to go live before Aril 15th! 

3. Long Term Goal – Now that you’ve taken the step to get your stream back up and get a little schedule set, start to look towards the end of the year. If you can keep your momentum going, what type of numbers can you achieve. Start to think about the number of hearts and eyeballs at the bottom of your page. What do you expect to see, this potential growth coupled with the easy short term steps, should motivate you to get back on Twitch and to keep building those communities!

Comment below with your three goals and let us know how your feeling at this time of the year. It has been a long winter, but the spring is here and it is time for growth. Set those goals and don’t look back.


How To Get More Twitch Followers – 3 Ways To Create An Offer They Can’t Refuse!

Today, we will look into making a rock solid offer that your viewers and potential followers/subscribers will be excited about. We will also look at a crucial fail point that many streamers make when they go in and ask for the follow. Twitch Subscriber Offer

“People only care about what they can get from you”

Today, we will look at 3 specific things you can do to make the offer of even just a free follow irrefutable.

“Did you know that when you follow the page, it will let you know when I go live, so you never miss a broadcast?”

Customize – Allow them to tailor their experience and have custom features that are exclusive to membership. (If you sign up for a forum, you can customize your profile and options of how you view the site)

Quicker – How can you allow them to get it faster? (If you sign up for a musical artist’s mailing list, you get first shot at concert tickets!)

Exclusive – What is something that only people who join the club can get? (Restaurants offer coupons to members only)

The truth is that very few people will sign up without an offer, even if they like you. Even if your offer is something solid like free miles with an airplane credit card, it is a very tough sell.

Here is an offer from “ThatSportsGamer” to join his Patreon and support him. However, he makes a crucial mistake.

Patreon Twitch Offer


He doesn’t explain exactly what the person paying the money gets for supporting him. Yes, ThatSportsGamer gets the chance to create “more and better” content, but he doesn’t explain why it is good for the viewer. He hasn’t created a strong enough offer for people beyond his main fan base. A more powerful offer would be:

If you enjoy my current free content on ThatSportsGamer, supporting my Patreon will get you the following. Here is exactly what you get:

1. Every Wednesday, you know those awesome shows that you can’t wait to download and listen to in your car? You now get to download them on Monday! (Quicker)

2. Those podcasts will also now come with a bonus 15 minute segment where I bring in a game developer to update us on their current game project, last week we had on MLB The Show Creative Director! (Exclusive)


Each week, I will also select 3 subscriber questions to answers live on the show. If you have every wanted to have your topic broken down live on the show by the best sports gaming podcast, support the show today! (Exclusive) 

Those are a few examples of options that can make an offer more enticing to viewers. The kickstartesr mindset has allowed fans to love and support people who create things, but they still always have their own motivations first. You do get a copy of the complete game or a bumper sticker right?

League Of Legends is a free to play game that requires NO money to play! However, they rake in millions every year, and their fans are happy to support Riot Games! They do this by creating a good offer to their players who are more than happy to pay. Here is how they use the same model that T.J. can in his offer.

1. Exclusive – Sure, you can play a character, but don’t you want that fancy new “skin” to change the way they look and prove that you are a serious player?

2. Quicker – You can unlock all the Champions with free to earn IP or wait until they come up on free rotation, however if you pay a few dollars now, you can use anyone you want. Why Wait?

3. Customize – While they keep Rune Pages tied to the free IP for competitive reasons, you can still pay to IP Boost to get more slots/pages and customize your game further.

The fact that LOL is free to play makes it even easier to spend money. If you get 50 hours of value out of something totally free and then someone offers you a great deal, you feel like you owe them something. “I’ve been playing this game or watching this stream for months, I should support them, AND I get something, no brainer”

The attitude online about paying for things just doesn’t echo the sentiment that I’ve seen and experienced in real life. There are people that will pay thousands of dollars an hour to cut the line at Disney World, or to fly first class. This isn’t for everyone, but that doesn’t make it dumb, everyone has different things they value. The key is to find out what your community likes and present them with an offer they can’t refuse!

The truth is though, if you present people with a fair offer and they already like you, they will be more than happy to pay. 

Pax East Panel – As Seen On Twitch, So You Want To Be A Livestreamer?

As Seen On Twitch
Last weekend was the Penny Arcade Expo in Boston, MA! Better known as Pax East, this event brings in tens of thousands of gamers to the area! SGibs and ZFarls hosted a panel to represent Reel Gamer, along with T.J. Lauerman of ThatSportsGamer and Cee Cee Smith from Ubisoft. Also on the Panel was Rich Grisham who hosts the Press Row Podcast on Operation Sports!

Topics Included:

How Can I Build And Grow My Gaming Channels?

What Is The Biggest Mistake The Average Streamers Is Making?

Do I Need To Be The Best At A Game Or The Funniest To Have A Successful Stream?

What If My Family or Friends Think Streaming Is Silly and Don’t Understand Twitch?

As Seen On Twitch: So You Want To Be A Livestreamer?
With the recent popularity spike of online streaming, many gamers have dreamed about playing their favorite games in front of hundreds of raving fans. However, despite the XB1 & PS4’s native apps, many quickly figured out that the audience takes time to build. Joins hosts ZFarls & SGibs to learn the keys to growing your channels, audience, and confidence! They will also take live questions and explain why a great stream isn’t just about you or the games you play.

Zach Farley [Vice President, Gamer Media Inc.], Stephen Gibbons [Founder, Reel Gamer], T.J. Lauerman [Founder, ThatSportsGamer]

The Physical Realities Of Live-Streaming!

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 10.25.33 AMAfter an epic 26-Hour Event Stream with Duracell and Twitch last weekend, I was drained. While the event was extremely fun, it came at a big cost to my energy levels. The cross country flight to LA, the hosting and playing from 2 AM to 12 Noon, immediately followed by a red eye flight back.

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Why Do Gamers Watch Twitch?

People have been watching people do things for centuries.

People have been watching people do things for centuries.

People have been watching other people do different activities forever.

The Roman Colosseum is confirmation of this, I know this because last July I spent 2 weeks in Italy and what a two weeks it was.

The Colosseum could hold, it is estimated, between 50,000 and 80,000 spectators. and was used for gladiatorial contests and public spectacles such as mock sea battles, animal hunts, executions, re-enactments of famous battles, and dramas based on Classical mythology. (wiki)

So, what exactly does this have to do with Twitch and why people watch?

Keep reading to find out…


They Made A Huge A** Building Thousands of Years Ago to Watch People Do Sh*t

Think of all the man power that went into building the Roman Colosseum? All that time and effort and it was built so people could watch other people do things.

Crazy idea huh?

We did it then and we still do it to this very day. We watch sports, music concerts, TV, you name it and we will find a way to watch others do things.

Heck “people watching” in general is kind of fun (admit it you do it too!).

It’s Not Weird To Stream on Twitch

Anytime I tell someone (outside the gaming world) that I live stream myself playing video games for others to watch they immediately say…

  • thats weird
  • people actually watch you?
  • don’t they have better things to do?
  • I can’t believe people watch you play video games!

They say this because they’re missing the point that watching Twitch streams is no different than watching your favorite NFL team on Sundays.

Tons of streamers come to me and tell me…

  • I’m afraid of losing games on stream…
  • I’m not good enough to stream
  • What if people tell me I stink at the game?
  • No one wants to watch me because I’m not good enough

You don’t have to be “good” to be a great streamer! We tend to get caught up in our niche communities and lose grasp on the entire entity that is Twitch. We lose the bigger vision of what Twitch is and will become.

Stink at a game? Be a great entertainer…

…remember people have been watching people do sh*t for thousands of years…

I Watched My Friends Play Video Games Growing Up

Is that weird? I bet you did it too.

When I was in elementary school I would watch my brother play Madden.

When I was in middle school I would watch my friends play Final Fantasy.

When I was in high school I would watch my friends play Halo.

When I was in college I would watch my friends play Resident Evil.


It was once again a form of entertainment, but I believe it’s a step beyond just entertainment. Playing video games is often times considered a “lonely” activity.

When I spent all that time watching people play games it wasn’t just for entertainment it was a form of social bonding and there is no difference between that and watching your favorite streamers on Twitch.

You form relationships with the people watching. You work together to get through different game modes. You communicate with them and learn about who they’re as a person.

The connection is real and that is why I believe Twitch is a very special social platform to be apart of.

Think Differently

My challenge to you is to stop looking at your stream as “just a game I stream” and start thinking about how its a form of entertainment. Think about the emotional connections you can create with your audience.

How can you improve your stream in these areas?

Share in the comments below.

Be clear. Be concise.


Use Stepping Stones Toward the Growth of Your Twitch Channel

StepStoneTheoryForSuccessHas this happened to you?

You go live on your Twitch channel…

…and no one shows up, and you start feeling like a loser.

You lose the excitement and energy you had before you went live and you don’t understand what you’re doing wrong.

You see everyone else having success, but you aren’t seeing the results and you don’t see the value in “wasting anymore time”.

It all starts with having the right Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) and in today’s article we will discuss the importance of this in accomplishing your streaming goals.

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Why You Shouldn’t Fear Getting Unfollows on Twitch

“The only thing that a follower count actually does is make your ego bigger. It makes you feel good when you compare yourself to others.”

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Twitch Giveaways – Tips To Get Followers!

Giving away prizes on twitch is one way to get more viewers into your stream! However, simply offering a prize up can be tricky. How do you get value to your stream that matches the prize you are giving away? If you are giving away a $60 dollar game, but only 3 people enter and nobody follows your stream, it won’t be a great long term plan!

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Should You Swear On Your Twitch Stream?

Many new twitch streamers are concerned that swearing on their stream might prevent them from growing and gaining new followers, is this true?

Today, we will look at the 3 types of twitch streams out there and how cursing might help or harm your growth.

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5 Phrases You Say That Lead To Failure


Years ago I would say things like…

“I’m not a tech guy.”

“I’m not very smart when it comes to tech stuff”

“I’m a one trick pony, I’m only good at one thing”

“That’s just not who I am”

Little did I know then that I was setting myself up for failure before I even started.

What you say has a lot to do with what you believe and what you believe is what you become. At least I wasn’t saying the 5 worst phrases that lead to failure…

In today’s article we will discuss the 5 worst phrases that you say that lead you to failure.

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