5 Phrases You Say That Lead To Failure


Years ago I would say things like…

“I’m not a tech guy.”

“I’m not very smart when it comes to tech stuff”

“I’m a one trick pony, I’m only good at one thing”

“That’s just not who I am”

Little did I know then that I was setting myself up for failure before I even started.

What you say has a lot to do with what you believe and what you believe is what you become. At least I wasn’t saying the 5 worst phrases that lead to failure…

In today’s article we will discuss the 5 worst phrases that you say that lead you to failure.


#1 I Can’t

Think about all the times you say the phrase “I Can’t”. What is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH to the situation.

Throw out all preconceived notions of what you believe and your opinions and boil it down to facts. Can you really not do it? What is holding you back? Do you lack the knowledge? Then it’s a matter of taking time to learn new information to improve and not something you can’t do.

When you say you can’t you’re giving yourself excuses to give up. You’re allowing yourself reasons to not follow through and finish things.

Try this…

When you catch yourself saying “I can’t”, take the exact phrase and replace “I can’t” with “I will”. This mind shift will help get you on the path to becoming a top performer.

#2 I’m Not Good Enough

No one is good enough…when they first start…or if they don’t put the time in needed to improve. Think about all the successful channels you see around you. Do you truly believe it was just luck that lead to the success of their channel?

Maybe they were simply just born to be great at something as specific as streaming or youtube?


They put time and effort into their craft. Success isn’t luck, it’s hard work. Stop looking around at others and stop thinking that they have it easy. We all have situations that are difficult and lead us down roads that long and dreadful, but it’s how you respond to the adversity that will lead to your future success.

When you say I’m not good enough, it might actually be true, but that doesn’t mean it has to be true moving forward. What are you doing right now to make sure you’re a top performer in the future?

#3 I Tried

I Tried is similar to I can’t, but has a key difference. It means you started and then you gave up. Think about why you failed and then gave up and then think what were the reasons? Once again let’s look at the facts of the situation and not preconceived notions of what the truth might be. 

It’s ok to fail. Many times it’s a good thing. Failing leads to improvements if you keep going. When you look back on the reasons you failed you can improve upon them in the future.

Here is one major question to ask yourself…Did you seek out the help of an expert?

I will assume your answer is no, but lets think about it like this…

Why do people go to college and get degrees? Because they seek expert advice to improve themselves for the future! Yes, they do it for other reasons too, but what they’re actually doing is learning from a trusted source.

Imagine trying to lose weight without the help of a trainer? Do you think that you’re supposed to actually just know everything about losing weight? That some people are just born with that knowledge? HECK NO!

When you seek out the help from experts you will improve through their knowledge and experience.

#4 It’s Not Who I am

This one is HUGE for me personally because years ago this was my #1 failure phrase.

I would say things like “I’m not a tech guy” and “I’m a one trick pony”. Deep down I wanted to know how to edit videos and learn how to improve the quality of all the videos I was producing online.

However I had a huge problem, I didn’t have the technical skill to get this done. I assumed the truth to this was because I just wasn’t a dude that understood how to do these things.

Let’s once again bust out our truth hats and throw out our preconceived notions. The truth was that I never spent time learning how to do the things I wanted. I gave myself excuses to not follow through with learning how to do the things I wanted and it was a self fulfilling prophecy.

If you catch yourself saying that you aren’t something immediately stop yourself and say the following…

Don’t say…”I’m not a tech guy…”

Instead say…”I currently am not a tech guy, but I will learn to be one…”

The difference here is you’re admitting that you have some work to do and once you admit that you can start improving for the future.

#5 I Don’t Have Time

Not having time is not an excuse. This failure phrase is one that all of us can relate too. Life just gets in the way sometimes.

But if you want it…if you want a kick a** channel…if you want nice things you will make time.

We make time for things that are most important to us and the things we make time for are most important. Are you making the time to grow your channels?

If not, that should be proof to you that it’s currently not that important to you and thats ok as long as you understand this to be the truth.

You can’t say things like…”ahhhh heck the whole youtube and twitch thing is a crap shoot, I gave it a shot, but I just don’t have time, its not that cool anyways.” This is an attitude that won’t ever get you what you want.

Instead you need to admit that you simply aren’t putting the time and effort into it for it to grow. Once you believe this you can then plan for the channels growth in the future.

Do This Now

Share in the comments below your failure phrases. Are you saying any of these on a daily basis?

Be concise.


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  1. I think people confuse “I Tried” with doing actual work. “Welp, I streamed 3 times and nobody showed up, at least I tried.”

    There are steps you need to do aside from just pressing the live button that will be a bigger factor than just “trying” but not really doing work or measuring success. Goals are huge for this.

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