Is It Too Late To Start A Twitch Channel?

FOMOT (Fear Of Missing Out On Twitch)

When You Realize You Should Have Started Years Ago...

When You Realize You Should Have Started Years Ago…

If you have ever thought…

If I only started streaming last year, I’d be huge right now

Are too many big name streamers gonna block me from growing?

Is it too late to grow a big twitch channel?

The answer is without a doubt…

NO! You are not too late.

This type of thinking happens all the time, we get the idea that we might like to build a profile up on any platform. (Twitter, Youtube Etc) but we don’t take action right away. Instead, we are a little afraid because we aren’t sure if we are good enough or we don’t know every little detail, so we wait.

While we wait, other people get to doing real consistent work. Slowly, the platform starts to take shape and all we can do is say, “that doesn’t look hard, I could do that” but rather than start, we pretend that we are too late.

The Grocery Store Test

It does appear that “everyone is on Twitch” however, that is because it is where we hang out and who we interact with. So, it can feel discouraging to see many other people doing the same thing as us.

If you walked into a grocery store though, and talked to the first 10 people, how many would know about Streaming? O, maybe 1?

How many people would know about Youtube? Many more.

This is what it takes to get out of your own comfort zone and get some perspective about twitch. I promise you are not too late.

I know this, because I wrote the same exact post 1 year ago. People use this as an excuse no matter what industry they are in.

Timing can be key, but consistency is far more important. Saying you missed out is an easy way to feel sorry for yourself. Tesla missed out on inventing the car, but he (Elon Musk) did something so different that it didn’t matter.

The key shift is when Brands start to use platforms. They are all over twitter and have quickly infiltrated youtube. They aren’t quite on Twitch yet in a big way, they aren’t sold on it. This means we, as streamers aren’t doing a creative enough job coming up with value or the right type of content yet. It might be you that flips the twitch universe around! Be remarkable, be consistent and don’t worry about what everyone else is doing.

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  1. I always say this one Farls…

    Once I learn how to do…

    I always have to learn something new before I can start something, this is a lie i told myself all the time in previous years, but have learned that it gets you know where. Start before you’re ready to run and you will find that you will learn how to do the exact thing you were afraid to learn during the process.

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