What in the Blue Moon Started QJB’s Success? (he shares 6 keys to YouTube)

QJBPod What are the 6 Keys to QJB’s YouTube Success?

He shares them in todays Raise Your Game: Reel Gamer Podcast #2

QJB is a sports gaming YouTube commentator that has taken the community by storm.

3 years ago he started his journey and has become one of the best and most influential gaming celebrities.

Lucky for you he shares why he started his channel, how he started it and 6 Key ways he’s gained 250,000+ subscribers.

Find out how below…

In this Episode You’ll Learn

    • the fool proof way to be the best at what you do
    • how to connect with bigger and better commentators
    • why caring about every single subscriber leads to more views
    • Unintentional Benefits of doing what you love
    • why no one is “special” & what that means to your future success
    • QJB’s 6 Key Tips for starting a YouTube channel
    • Plus QJB explains each of the 6 Keys in detail throughout the show

QJB’s 6 Keys

  1. Equipment
  2. Confidence
  3. Connections
  4. Timing & Scheduling
  5. Patience
  6. Have Fun


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What did you learn from this episode? How did QJB’s story inspire you? Do you see similarities in your own life?

Share your stories below and let me know what action step you’re going to take starting today that will get you close to your goal tomorrow.

Be clear. Be concise.

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  1. Ryan(dooogen) says:

    great podcast again gibs. Love QJB. Question, do you/farls ever worry about job security with Prima? Especially with (like you said) twitch blowing up and there being an increase of quality madden players streaming (like scomo and the mutcrew, mrgoldensports, etc). Also, does the fact that there are so many other madden streamers and video creators emerging make you guys feel pressure to pump out more content and/or do more to keep yourselves relevant?

    • there is a lot that goes into that question Ryan.

      i wholeheartedly believe in what we do and that we are the best at what we do. I think one of the biggest misconceptions about giving tips is “how good you have to be”.

      is there a threshold? absolutely, but the most important part is to be willing to help others succeed and the willingness to put that time in with customers.

      Truly understanding their problems and how to solve those problems is something that isn’t just learned over night. Time needs to be invested in truly caring for your community which in the end creates a authentic product that benefits the customer and the business.

      Always need to have competition on your radar, but you also have to do everything you can to make them irrelevant (by being that much better)

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